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Horse Fly Control

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  1. Cavalesse Oral Solution - 3 x 20g

    Cavalesse is a natural product for the control and management of symptoms in horses prone to spring and summer skin problems, especially Sweet Itch.

  2. Deosect Solution - 250ml

    Deosect Solution 250ml is for the control of flies and lice on horses. 

  3. Deosect Solution - 1lt

    Deosect Solution 1lt is for the control of flies and lice on horses. 

3 Items

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In the summertime, your horse can suffer terribly from the presence of midges and flies. Horseflies are particularly unpleasant. Insects such as the horse fly will bite through your horse's skin and suck its blood. Horseflies may also lay their eggs around your horse's mouth, nose and eyes causing irritation. As with humans, horses can suffer an allergic reaction from a fly bite, causing an irritated patch of skin. Horse flies particularly enjoy biting a horse's legs, neck and underside, creating lumps and pimples on the skin. Although stabling discourages horsefly bites as the creatures dislike dark areas, this isn't a long-term solution throughout the summer. Therefore, applying a horsefly repellent to your horse's skin is often the best solution. The repellant should stop the flies from landing on your horse and therefore prevent the bites. You may also find that's stabling your horse prior to dusk, using a fan and protecting with rugs can also be beneficial.