Skin Care for Dogs

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You may notice that your dog is suffering from a skin condition if they begin scratching more regularly or create bald patches where the fur has been scratched away as a result of irritation. Some dogs are more susceptible to skin conditions than others, but any dog can be affected by allergies and sensitivities. Irritants such as dust, grass and pollen can cause a reaction in some dogs. If your dog appears to be having an allergic reaction to something that they encounter outside, then you can try washing them using an anti-allergy shampoo after they have been outdoors. Topical treatments to be used on irritated patches of skin are also soothing for your pet. We have a whole range of shampoos to suit your dog's skin type including dry, sensitive and itchy skin. Not only will your dog feel more comfortable after one of these complementary treatments, their skin and fur will also be radiating with health and smelling fresh.