Cat Wormers

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Cats are particularly susceptible to tapeworm and roundworm. These worms can cause your cat to lose weight, feel lethargic and have a change in bowel habits. As a cat owner, you should look out for signs of worms so that you can treat the problem as quickly as possible. If your cat is eating a normal diet but still losing weight, or has a particularly bloated stomach than they may have picked up some worms. Another symptom is fur that has lost its shine and become coarse. Your cat may also suffer from diarrhoea. It may not be straightforward to check for worms if your cat does not have a litter tray, but if your cat's faeces are visible to you, then you may be able to spot worms within their stool. Any sign of a worm in your cat's stool requires treatment. Worming your cat regularly is essential as worms can’t be prevented but using a worm treatment every 3 months should control any infestations.