Cat Grooming

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Many cats love the process of being groomed. It allows them to spend some quality time with their favourite person and they love the stroking motion of the brush. Grooming your cat enables you to check for fleas and ensure that their skin is in tip-top condition, as well as keeping their coat shiny and making them look and feel their best. We stock a range of pet shampoos that will make your cat's fur gleam and allow the process of grooming to be done more easily, particularly if your cat has long hair or something sticky caught in it. Our products can also soothe sensitive or irritated skin. Bathing a cat can be a tricky process but can be beneficial to your cat's coat and even to their health, particularly if they have rubbed against something that would be harmful for them to lick off or if a physical problem means they are unable to clean themselves properly. It is crucial however to find a cat-friendly shampoo as human versions can be harmful to cats. Wormers can provide you with a cat-friendly product that will make them look and smell great.