On the whole cats are healthy creatures who will happily take care of themselves. However, it can't hurt to offer a little helping hand to ensure that your cat stays in tip-top condition. Outdoor cats, in particular, are susceptible to picking up fleas, ticks and worms. This is very common, and a simple, regular treatment will help your cat to avoid the nasty side effects that go hand in hand with an infestation of parasites. You can also help your cat to stay in optimum condition by giving them a regular dental treatment. Dental problems are the number one cause of ill health in domestic cats. If your cat does not enjoy having their teeth cleaned, there are other alternatives you can choose. Other supplementation can help cats who struggle with joint, skin or digestive disorders. As usual, we recommend that prevention is better than cure and guarantee that all our products are sourced from reputable suppliers and are always of the highest quality.