Equest Horse Wormer Important for Maintaining Equine Health

Horses are beautiful and elegant creatures. Watching a horse gallop through a field is truly a sight to behold, as these large animals exhibit an incredible grace and strength. Horses have been companions to humans for thousands of years, allowing us to ride on their backs as we explored the world.

When you have a horse of your own, you also have the responsibility of taking care of it. A healthy horse will need to be fed and exercised and will also need a regular program of health care and treatments. As a horse keeper, it is important that you give your horse the right treatment so that you can reduce the risk of common ailments and recognise when your horse is unwell or injured.

One of the most important health treatments for your horse is de-worming. Worms are a harmful parasite which make their home in your horse’s body and feed off them. These types of parasitic worms are everywhere, from the field to the stable. This is why it is so important to treat your beautiful equine companion with an effective worm control programme, which combines worming medication such as equest horse wormer with worm counts and other useful strategies.

Tips for De-worming Your Horse

One important part of a worming schedule for your Horse is to treat with worming medications at certain times of year with oral gels and pastes such as equest horse wormer. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Before starting a regular de-worming program, talk to a qualified vet to determine the best medicine and dosage schedule for your particular horse.
  • You should determine the weight of your horse so that you know which dosage to give. You can do this by using a weight scale, which most equine vets have. Alternatively for just a few pounds you can buy a weigh tape, which is an easy way for you to ascertain the  weight of your horse from a simple girth measurement.
  • A de-worming syringe will have number marks which run down the side of the tube that will allow you to control the dosage according to the weight of your horse. Simply adjust the dial or slide the latch until you select the right number. It is recommended to get the syringe ready to administer the correct dose before you approach the horse – some horses are very good at sensing when you are about to worm them, so it is best to be prepared!
  • You may need to put a head collar on the horse first and have a friend hold the horse to keep it calm.
  • Place the syringe of equest horse wormer into the space where you would normally put the bit and point it towards the back of the horse’s tongue. Press the plunger to administer the medication.
  • Keep an eye on your horse for at least five minutes to ensure that he doesn’t spit out the medication. Wait at least 20 minutes before giving it anything to eat.


Keep Your Horse Worm Free with Equest

Being a horse owner you probably know that it is not possible to keep your horse completely worm free; but you can use an equest and equest pramox worming programme to keep the worms under control and ensure your horse is healthy at all times.

Horse care is much more than finding a field and stable and popping a horse into it. There are so many other essential things you need to do to ensure your horse remains healthy and this includes a good worming programme.

There is a range of worms that a horse can have at any given time, they are not prone to only one type of worm. You can expect to find red worms, round worms, tape worms and even bots, which are fly larvae.

Good Worm Management

As much as you love getting onto your horse and riding the country lanes and paths, you must get into a good worm management programme. It is essential to ensure the healthy digestion of your horse and keep him or her healthy and fit.

Cheap horse wormer’s are easy to find and it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg to ensure you keep your horses worms under control. Bear in mind that one wormer is not going to attack all the worms, so you need to follow a good programme to keep them all at bay.

When using equest gel or equest pramox gel, which are both easy oral treatment, you need to treat all your horses at the same time; especially if they are all in the same field. Oral treatments have been proven to be the most effective when it comes to horse worm control.

Pasture Management

As important as it is to use a good equest worming programme on your horses, pasture management is just as important to keep the worms at bay.

Remember if your horse is in a field with other horses, speak to the owners to ensure you all use the same worming programme at the same time, this way you can control the worms.

Secondly you will want to clean the field and stables on a regular basis as worm eggs can be found in horse droppings. Stables should be cleaned daily with all manure being removed and fields should be cleaned at least twice a week, at the minimum during spring and summer months.

If you are dealing with a very large field, you can sub-divide the grazing areas. By separating the grazing areas and rotating your horses you are giving the grass time to recover and reducing the risk of worms.

Good pasture management combined with an equest and equest pramox worming programme are a guaranteed way to reduce worms in your horse.

From here you need to ensure you have a good dental plan and that they receive their inoculations on time. A healthy and fit horse can give you hours of enjoyment and be a very special animal in your life.