How To Keep Your Horse Worm Free with Equest Pramox

It is amazing how many people think you can buy a horse, pop them in a field and just ride them whenever you want. But there is so much more to horse care from shoeing to grooming and exercise to a good equest horse wormer.

Horse care is not easy. If you have a dog chances are you don’t just leave your dog to survive on their own. You take them for their vaccinations; you worm them regularly, walk them and ensure they are well fed and cared for. The same applies when you own a horse, there is so much to take into consideration and one of the most important things is worming your horse.

Put an Annual Plan in Place
The best way to ensure that you are caring for your horse properly is to put a good annual worming programme in place. Get horse wormers advice if necessary before setting out with your plan.

Your plan should include all considerations especially weather changes when worms start to breed and spread throughout your grazing areas. You can buy cheap horse wormers that will tackle the different worms that horses tend to get. It’s important to realise that your horse will never be completely worm free, but to avoid problems later on you need to keep these parasites to a minimum.

Treat What Worms When

During the winter months you will want to treat your horses for red worm larvae and bots. This is the time when these parasites start taking hold of your horse. During the spring time and autumn it is essential to treat for tapeworm as these worms can cause serious health problems such as colic.

Remember that if your horse is in a field with other horses, you will need to work out your annual horse wormer programme to coincide with the other horse’s schedules. Using a comprehensive worming programme including good quality horse wormers like equest pramox horse wormer and equest horse wormer with pasture management and worm egg counts can provide a robust schedule and help reduce wormer resistance.


I think the biggest mistake many horse owners make when giving their horses an oral wormer such as equest horse wormer or equest pramox horse wormers, is to give the wrong dosage. Many people give their horses too little and under dosing has virtually no effect on the horse’s worm problem. It is important to know your horse’s weight and then follow the dosage directions carefully to ensure you are giving your horse the best tools to fight off these unwanted parasites.


A horse’s environment also plays a role as to when you need to give them their equest or equest pramox horse wormer. Pasture management can help to reduce your worm egg burden, which in turn can help to reduce your reliance on using certain wormers regularly such as equest horse wormer. Pasture management include poo picking, resting paddocks and cross grazing.

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