How to Design a Perfect Plan for Treating with Horse Wormers

Worming your horse is very important, as these infectious parasites can cause a lot of serious health problems.

Worms can be treated with special medications known as horse wormers, but worming your horse is not an easy task. It is not something which can be done once and then forgotten about, as the worm medication needs to be applied within the correct intervals as part of a worming schedule.

In order to give your horse the best treatment, you should talk with your vet and develop an effective plan for a worm treatment schedule. You will need to space out the treatments in intervals throughout the year to ensure that your horse is always protected against worm infections.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are designing a plan for treating your horse:

  • The first step is to choose your schedule. It used to be recommended that horses be wormed every six to eight weeks; however the advice has now shifted to responsible worming in a bid to combat wormer resistance. This is when the worms become immune to the effects of the medicines and are no longer killed by it. Discuss with your vet about your horses environment, whether they have contact with other horses and their general health to determine a suitable schedule that you can realistically adhere to.
  •  Egg worm counts can now be easily done by post or at your local vets by collecting a dung sample. This process determines whether your horse has a low or high burden of roundworm eggs, and often a low burden means you can skip a dose of wormer. However it is important to understand that egg worm counts only detect certain worms and this process does not completely replace the need for horse wormers.
  • In order to prevent resistance, managing your property is equally important, including removing horse droppings from the field regularly, keeping the feeding bins up off the ground, and practicing mixed grazing with sheep or cattle.
  • A great way to keep yourself organised so that you never forget a worm treatment is to pin a calendar to your stables. You can mark the date before each horse wormer treatment or worm egg count so that you will have time to prepare for it.
  • Another great tip is to buy your supply of horse wormer in advance, so that when the time comes to worm and you don’t have the medicine on hand you will not miss a critical treatment.

With these helpful tips, you will be able to create an effective horse wormer schedule which will keep your horses healthy and strong and free of parasites.

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