Livestock Products for Smallholders

Smallholders have many needs when it comes to monitoring and treating the health of their livestock. If you own any livestock animals, part of your daily routine will be checking up on the wellbeing of your animals. If you discover that your livestock are suffering from any of the common health problems such as worms, it is important that these issues be treated before they become too serious. You will need some livestock supplies to help care for your animals and tend to any problems they may be having. For example, worm infestations can spread very quickly through a flock of sheep or a herd of cows. You will need to act at the very first sign of worms in order to solve the problem before it spreads to the rest of your animals. Worms can make your livestock seriously ill and can even kill them, so it is very important to use worm treatments regularly and keep a sharp eye out for any symptoms. A regular worming program can be combined with other tasks such as shearing and foot care to save time.

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