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Equest Pramox - 700kg
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Equest Pramox - 700kg

Ref: EQU006

20.48 (3 or fewer items) per item (Inc. VAT at 20%)
20.26 (4 to 9 items) per item (Inc. VAT at 20%)
19.85 (10 to 19 items) per item (Inc. VAT at 20%)
19.39 (20 to 39 items) per item (Inc. VAT at 20%)
19.25 (40 or more items) per item (Inc. VAT at 20%)


Equest Pramox Syringe is a long lasting and reliable oral gel horse wormer, helping to treat roundworm, tapeworm and bot infestation.

Equest and Equitape in one syringe, providing protection in a single dose. Offering a combination wormer via a single dose. Equest Pramox is easy to apply and provides 13 weeks protection. Each dosage contains enough gel to treat a horse weighing 700kg at the recommended dose rate. This Equest gel is ideally administered during autumn and spring seasons.

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